The Ultimate Guide to Four Wheeler and ATV Tires

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Maxxis M918 Bighorn ATV Tire

Maxxis M918 Bighorn ATV Tire

If you’ve made it to this point you’re probably realizing that shopping for ATV tires can be an overwhelming process. To help make this easier, I’ve put together a simple guide on how to find the best tires and wheels. There are a few places we can start:

Or, Shop by Tire Style:

When shopping for new tires there are many factors to consider. Finding the right tire to handle a variety of riding conditions is essential for both the novice and expert riders. Keep in mind the typical challenges found on trails in your area.

Will you be riding through mud, driving long distances on hard surfaces, or encountering any ruts? All of these factors will be important in your final decision.

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Mud Tires

The perfect set of ATV Mud Tires can help you improve tire traction dramatically. We put together this guide on mud tires to to help you find the right set to conquer the most extreme trails or just your local mud hole.

They are available in a variety of configurations. Some of the most popular tires are extreme mud tires that are used for riding through deep mud holes usually found at mud events and competitions around the country. There are also less aggressive mud tires used for weekend excursions and trail riding.

Sand Tires

Riding on the sand can be one of the most rewarding off-road experiences. However, without the right set of sand tires riding on the dunes can become a nightmare. Anyone that has had to dig out a friend or family member out of the sand will understand the power of a quality set of sand tires. Not only will these tires reduce the chances of getting stuck, they will also help give additional power to make it up the most intimidating hills.

Any rider looking to conquer the biggest sand dunes should grab a set of high-quality paddle tires.

Trail Tires

Wading through quad tire reviews, online forums, and input from your buddies to find the best trail tires on the market can be frustrating. We put together this 3-part trail tire guide to help you find a great set of tires today.

Trail riding is one of the most common terrain off-road enthusiasts will encounter. While most riders will find themselves on moderate terrain, having a sturdy and long-lasting tire is essential. Not only will a quality tire stand up against tire punctures but they will provide great value overtime.

Picking tires for trail riding may seem fairly straightforward. We were driven to put this guide together because there is so much incomplete information available on the internet. Don’t make the same mistakes others have made because of bad advice!

Racing Tires

Racing tires are designed to win races, plain and simple. Most tires are built with a softer rubber compound and are much lighter than a standard trail tire. Theses tires are among the most unique and technologically advanced on the market.

Many racing teams choose to design and shape their own tires. Using a specific tread pattern designed to the conditions can improve traction dramatically. There are also competitive racing tires that can be purchased online and raced immediately.

Four wheeler tires that are used for racing typically have shallow tread patterns to allow the quad to slide around the corners. Usually the tire is much lighter than standard trail tires to improve performance and maximize speed. With the growing market for racing tires the prices have slowly begun to become affordable again. In fact, many recreational riders choose certain types of racing tires for trail riding because of their lightweight design and durability.

What Are the Best Brands?

Let’s be honest, there’s an overwhelming amount of brands on the market today. While the selection is wide, the tire quality will range greatly between brands.

Today there are many tire manufacturers that specialize only in producing an affordable tire. There are also many brands that have built their reputation on quality and durability. Although many of the popular tire brands are more expensive than the other discount tires available, usually these are the best choice in the long run.

We have spent a great deal of time putting together more information on each tire brand and some of the styles they currently offer. Please note that tire models and prices change frequently but we have done our best to make sure this information is accurate and up-to-date.


AMS has an advanced tread design that will take you through the most difficult terrain without bogging down. Designed with a computer-enhanced tread pattern for stability and traction at any speed. Reduced weight and deep tread reduce stress on drivetrain parts and increases traction immediately. Most AMS tires are constructed with rugged 6-ply rated casing and natural rubber compound for a durable tire you can depend on.


Artrax offer excellent performance and durability at a reasonable price. All Artrax tires are built using heavy duty 6 ply construction and are puncture resistant so you can spend more time riding and less time fixing flats.


Bridgestone provides durability and traction every driver and owners need. Bridgestone tires are specifically engineered for dirt and mud, with special tread designs and patented Cut-Resistant Construction® compounds for durability, wear and load-carrying capacity — less rim slip, too. Wherever you want to go on your ATV, nothing gets you there like Bridgestone.


Carlisle is leading the market for specialty tires and wheels. Carlisle is known for their good quality, performance, looks and value. New products, like the innovative radial tires for the ATV markets, have widely invaded the market, in a good way.


Douglas’ lightweight bias ply construction makes acceleration easy without draining power. The specially engineered carcass design gives a high performance smooth ride. The Douglas Tires aggressive tread and top notch construction are sure to make it the best utility tire on the market.


You never know what’s on the other side of the mountain. So you’ve got to have Dunlop tires that can tackle the harshest conditions imaginable. That’s why there’s nothing better than Dunlop tires that takes you anywhere, any time.


Duro offers a complete range of racing, utility, and all terrain tires. Today they continue to set the standard for quad tires and the offroad industry. Duro’s commitment to developing innovative treads and compounds start on the race course, and transfer to your ride.


EFX has been a leader in construction, ride quality, fit-finish and of course design for many years. EFX manufactures quality tires for all ATV’s, and UTV’s. EFX delivers performance, quality, design, and specific fitments for the aftermarket enthusiast. They have roots deep in incredible styling, industrial strength engineering, and customer service that you can depend on.


All Goldspeed tires are developed and produced with the latest technology and information from the best riders in Europe and now the USA. Goldspeed tires are produced as lightweight as possible. Exclusive sidewall PPM (puncture proof material) is super tough and perfect for endurance and long distance racing. Different compounds are available for a custom tailored grip.


Goodyear is the ultimate authority when it comes to delivering tough off-road tires. Goodyear tires are made with premium casings and durable compounds. Goodyear tires are built for solid traction and outstanding resistance to punctures.


Gorilla tires are easy to describe. They’re simply the most aggressive offroad tires in the world. There is NO other tire on the market that compares to the size, tread, sidewall wrap, design, and cleaning properties of Gorilla tires.

High Lifter

High Lifter tires feature scooped treads to maximize pulling, digging, and paddling through deep mud and water. High Lifter tires are a rugged mud rider’s tire that continuously pulls and cleans with every revolution.


Interco tires have been pushing the limits of offroad and performance tires for three generations now, and the competition is still playing catch up! Based in Louisiana, Interco tires were born in the swamp, so you know they are made to take anything you can throw at them!


ITP tires have grown into the clear leader in the aftermarket ATV and UTV industry. ITP tires have been at the forefront in the ATV/UTV tire market and for good reason – their tires work! Whether you are a racer or a trail-riding enthusiast, you can bet ITP has a tire to fit your needs.


Kenda tires have been specifically designed to meet the demands of the strongest long distance riders. With the help of Kenda Tires riders will have not only one of the industries most advanced sport tires but also a selection race ready tire types that some of which have been developed on the ATV Pro MX racing circuit.


Maxxis tires have been setting the standard for manufacturing the strongest and most long lasting tires on the market. All Maxxis tires are puncture resistant and have unique tread types which have been designed to deliver maximum performance in the respective terrain type.


QuadBoss tires have innovative and deep V-lug design that provides excellent clean out in the mud and the overlapping center tread provides a smooth ride on the trails. Tough 6-ply rating and reinforced carcass makes QuadBoss tires one of the most puncture resistant tires on the market.


It goes without any saying that Sedona tires are thought of and sought after as being the leader in quality performance motorsport tires. Along with being produced with the highest quality grade performance rubber, Sedona Tires are produced using some of the industries most advanced technology and by some of the most seasoned people in the business.


When it comes to Sand traction, no one does it better than Skat-Trak. With tires crafted for ATV’s, Motorcycles, Dune Buggies, Sand Dragsters, Mud Boggers, and Tractor Pullers, Skat-Trak has you covered no matter what your vehicle.


STI Tires have an aggressive tread design featuring deep, grooved, angled, lugs to achieve an exceptional level of traction. The STI Tires extra tough 6-ply carcass utilizes an extended wear rubber compound for unmatched durability, and load capacity.

Super Grip

Super Grip Tires have an aggressive tread pattern for more responsive cornering, steering & braking. The Super Grip Tires Rim Guard has resulted in untouched wheel protection in the offroad tire industry. These tires were developed with a full 6 ply casing to handle the most extreme trail conditions.

Mounting Tires

After purchasing a new set of tires many off-road enthusiasts enjoy mounting them on their own. For anyone unfamiliar with the process we have put together two basic guides on tire removal and installation.

How to Remove an Old Tire from the Wheel

How to Mount a New Tire onto the Wheel

The fun of riding ATV’s only increases with the proper set of tires. Even a slight improvement in tire tread-depth and performance can make a huge difference in difficult terrain. We encourage anyone looking for a new set of tires to consider taking the time researching available brands and make their decision on quality rather than on price.

Trust us, we have made this mistake many times in the past and regret buying cheap tires!

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